Hello and welcome to my cozy + empowering nook on the internet!

My name is Elizabeth Di Petta + I’m so excited you are here! I would love to share a little bit about me… I’m mama to Noah (6), Nico (3) and Mila (1.5) and wifey to my highschool love, Angelo. You will often find us walking around our neighbourhood on adventures + playing ISPY. Here you will find tips + tricks on raising a family and all things wellness. I am a mompreneur growing a beautiful doTERRA business + the founder of ATB, which stands for all things beautiful because our community of women are passionate about empowering others to create a life of their dreams, a life filled with all things beautiful (click here to learn more about my community). My life one year ago was very different and this is my story of how I learned it was safe for me to want more, to follow my purpose and to inspire women to do the same.


A little over a year ago I was living “my dream”... I was a stay at home mama, had just welcomed my 3rd child and from the outside my life looked perfect but on the inside I was going through the motions of life and the everyday hustle was catching up to me. I had spent the last 7 years growing a family and my focus was always on them. I think as women we often put ourselves last and I had spent 7+ years doing just that. Slowly over time, I began to lose myself and MY place in the world. I had overcome so much in my life and and got to this comfortable place and was scared to leave it, scared of any change... so I stayed there. I told myself that this was “normal” and being a mom meant feeling this way, repeating “it won’t always be like this” over and over again. Then it caught up with me and one day I reached my breaking point and decided I was done feeling this way. I remember one moment so clearly, I was working on my "cleaning schedule" because being perfect was a priority of mine and I overreacted about something so minor. I caught a glimpse of myself in my kids washroom mirror and I stopped for a moment... I didn't even know the woman looking back at me. I knew that I was a loving mother and was always there for my kids, my home was clean, dinner was always on the table and I had a schedule of play-dates but I didn't know ME. I knew that I wanted it to be more than that. I wanted purpose and my own passions. I wanted to give to the world, have my husband proud of me and I wanted my kids to see more in me. I wanted them to be inspired by me and I never wanted them to think feeling stuck was ok. Most importantly, I wanted to know ME.

So I began to build myself back up and really get to know who I am.  I started to pay attention and care about what I was putting in my body and how often i was moving it.  I began a beautiful spiritual walk, I started reading… I started to take care of myself; mind, body and soul.  I stopped caring what everyone else wanted me to be and I started to be imperfectly, perfect me.  I started to know and love myself and I began to accept that I was worthy of more.  To me the "more" was never about the stuff, its the feeling of more, the freeing in "more".  Everything was falling into place…  

Enter beautiful doTERRA.  I started noticing a couple of highschool friends on social media, sharing their journey with doTERRA and I was intrigued.  I was fascinated by how they were flourishing as women, their natural approaches to wellness, the community and the possibility of being financially free.  I often thought "am I capable of that?" .  Then one day I grew tired of just watching and mustered up the courage to ask a question that will forever change my life... "how does this work, the business part of it?".  I needed to be ready to accept this journey, and I was.  See doTERRA is so much more than incredible essential oils, its a vehicle to serve the world on a greater scale, it gives you the opportunity to make your "mess" your message to heal and provide hope to others.  It was the next step in becoming myself.  Yes, at 31 years old, I became ME.  Not the wife me, mom me or the me that my family wanted me to be.  I am the woman I am meant to be… I am home and it feels incredible.  This journey has challenged me to conquer all types of fear.  Fear of judgement, fear of not being smart enough, fear of not being able to do it all and the biggest one, fear of success.   It has helped me heal from old wounds, set healthy boundaries and it has helped me grow.  I have learned that we all have unique gifts to share with the world and I believe that everything I have been through in my life was preparation for this journey.  It gave me the drive, compassion and grace to guide women to this beautiful safe place with endless possibilities.  To inspire them to know that it is possible to combine your precious family with your greater purpose and passion, to empower them to recognize it is ok for them to want more and to be an example that you don't have to be perfect to be free, in every sense of the word.